Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to drink on Earth Day 2010

Medlock Ames is a
sustainable and organic grape grower inspired by biodynamic methodologies. We believe that a more natural approach to farming produces wines of superior quality. Our attention to detail and commitment to ‘green’ practices continues in the cellar. We employ gravity-flow techniques to reduce energy consumption at the same time as preserving the often delicate characteristics of our grapes. We also often choose to use native or ‘wild’ yeasts to ferment our wines in an effort to promote the uniqueness of our site and the way we farm fine wine. A variety of forward thinking practices are exercised at Medlock Ames. They help illustrate our dedication to doing the best we can for the land, for the future and for fine wine.

Read more about Medlock Ames here, wines are available everywhere in Texas - but look for them now at: Whole Foods, The Austin Wine Merchant, The Lake Travis Wine Trader, The Royal Blue, and Houston Spec's stores. Cheers - Ali

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