Monday, April 12, 2010

Quality Wine on Tap!

Free Flow Wines:
WOW! Everyone's talking about (and buying) Free Flow Wine these days... "Wine on Tap". Well, now you have a choice in Texas. Free Flow Wines was founded by Dan Donahoe of Teira Wines and is the mastermind of delicious & high-quality wine offerings in a KEG.


- Provides superior product consistency by eliminating spoilage. Free Flow Wines
- Reduce cost to consumer by as much as 46%.
- Improve service efficiency and reduce storage space
- Increase quality-to-value ratio by reducing packaging and shipping costs
- A greener way to serve wine:
- Reusable packaging
- Eliminate waste
- Reduce shipping weights

Approx. 21 bottles per keg, an easy set-up, easier BTG price! Ask Avante for pricing and reach out to me for more information. Kegs currently available: Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot. to learn more. Cheers - Ali

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Deborah Gray said...

I really like your website, Ali. Unique, interesting and really contemporary.