Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seeing Wine in a Whole New Light

Welcome to Heliotrope Wines.

23 Jan 10 is a fruit day.

This is a great day for wine.

Introducing to the fans of TexaCali Wine Co. Heliotrope Wines was founded in 2009 by local Austinite Daniel McKeever who I've known through the wine biz around here for years. Daniel's website focuses on the "biodynamic" calendar.

"This biodynamic calendar is broken down into fruit, flower, root, and leaf days, and each plant performs different tasks each corresponding day. The sap of the plant moves into that specific area on that day and produces fruit, flowers, roots and leaves.Wine too performs differently on the days of the bio calendar.", says Daniel on his website.

Be sure to bookmark and sign up for their Wine of the Week video blast as well.

Daniel picked Pellegrini Family Vineyards 2006 Olivet Lane Pinot Noir this week - go take a look! He heard I had this wine out in the market last week during a root day which usually calls for drab tasting wines, but this one, maybe because it's an 2006 that was released over two years ago showed very well. This wine tends to show earth with layers of bright cherry and red apple peel...singing right now!

Welcome to the world of online wine education! We love what you are doing and most importantly making us a little more curious about biodynamic farmers and producers. Cheers - Ali

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