Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Buy Local

The Kocureks are dear friends of TexaCali Wine Co. in Austin. If you are looking for holiday nibbles or a unique gift to others this holiday season please give them a call and/or visit them at the local farmers markets. A foodie's dream! - Cheers, Ali

The Kocurek Family Charcuteri at three local farmers markets in Austin now...
Triangle (N. Lamar on Wednesday 3-7pm)
Sunset Valley (Burger Center on Saturday 9-1pm)
Hope (5th & Waller on Sunday 11-3pm)
All products prepared with locally raised, hormone-free, and free-range meat and game.

*Greetings from the Kocurek’s*

We hope you will be pleased with this weeks offerings.

Special Market Offering

Traditional Louisiana recipe, loaded with our smoked Andouille sausage, roasted duck, white wine, peppers and herbs all slowly simmered on a dark roux.
32 oz. for $14 Quantities are limited. Please return this e-mail with your order. We will hold it aside for pick up at any of the three markets you prefer.

This Weeks Offerings

Charcuterie Menu

Duck Rillettes ½ lb - $7
Pulled roasted duck meat, stock, spices, and duck butter blended to be spreadable.
Sweet Roasted Garlic Sausage ½ lb - $6
Pork, thyme, oregano, and slow roasted garlic til they are sweet and golden. This is a fresh sausage prepared in a natural casing.
Anjou Christmas Sausage ½ lb - $7
This is a Boudins Blanc du Mans sausage. Richardson’s pork, heavy cream, and fresh herbs are the main flavor tones of this holiday delight. This is a ready to eat poached sausage.
Smoked Spanish Style Chorizo ½ lb - $7
Pork, smoked hot paprika, red wine and spices.
Mushroom Pate ½ lb - $7
Crimini, button, and oyster varieties prepared with almonds, herbs and sherry. This is a smooth pate that vegetarians may enjoy.
Hand-cut Pork Bacon ½ lb - $8
If you love our Duck Bacon, then this is for you. Marinated for 7 days and smoked.
Duck “Bacon” ¼ lb - $8
The breast cut is brined for 24 hours and slow smoked
English Style Game Pie - $4
Roasted rabbit, turkey, mushrooms, leeks, and carmelized onions stuffed in a buttery, flaky pie crust. Individual serving portion
Smoked Pork Belly – ½ lb - $8
Marinated in our own spice blend, cooked confit style, then slow smoked – it doesn’t get any more decadent then that!

For Your Pantry

Duck Stock 32 oz - $6
Simmered for hours with herbs and a little red wine
Pickled Beets 8 oz - $3
For the beet lover in your family. Thinly sliced beets, red wine vinegar, sugar, chili’s, and mustard seed.
Butternut Squash & Ginger Marmalade 8oz - $6
Sweet butternut squash, ginger, oranges, chili flake and a touch of sugar.
Onion & Apple Marmalade 8oz - $6
Onions, apples, port wine, exotic spices make up this compote. Slow cooked so all the sugars in the onions and apples are just golden brown and ready to pair with any game meat.
Pickled Radishes 8oz - $4
White wine vinegar, sugar, chili’s, mustard seed, and allspice.
Italian Style Spicy Fruit Mustardo ½ lb - $7
Figs, peaches, golden raisins, mustard seeds, white wine, sugar and chili flakes.

We look forward to visiting with you at the market. Please notify us if you need quantity of any of these items in advance. 512-291-4461 or Kocurek Family Charcuterie (at)

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