Friday, May 01, 2009

Celebrate Good Times...

Today marks the 4th year of TexaCali Wine Co. Whew...what a complicated, exciting, delicious, crazy, and beautiful 4 years!  "Supply Chain Management at it's finest", is what I usually say to those who ask what I do in the wine business. Yes, I'm living the dream -  one case of wine at a time... but from the look of TexaCali Wine Co.'s average monthly sales depletions nearing the half-million dollar mark, I believe all the hard work and idiotic hours over the past 4 years have made a big difference for the families that I'm so wildly proud to represent in Texas.  The journey has just begun...thanks to you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. 

In Celebration of the 4th Anniversary I'm asking you each to pick out a bottle on a wine list and/or a mixed case of your favorite TexaCali producer during the month of May.  Even better - try something new -  just go for
 it. I'm glad I did 4 years ago! Cheers - Ali

 (pics from the top-down, 
1) standing on the deck at Davis Family Vineyards in the Russian River pointing to the Pellegrini winery, 2) stirring Bride of the Fox Sake in Japan, 3) me and Susana Balbo in Mendoza, Argentina)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ali! We've been following the blog and buying the wines since your tasting for our church group in Summer of 2005. A toast to you and your entrepreneurial dreams! Joyce Miller