Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Crios Torrontes and Old Navy

The past few days & weeks were fueled by exciting relationships, new acquaintances, incredible wine, fun Sake classes and miles of Texas travel. The months of January and February were also slightly sidetracked by a case of laryngitis and bronchitis, a missing dog that was stuck in a bathroom for 5 hours, a fender-bender caused by a cement pylon (a 2nd in 12 months) but welcomed by fluffy beds from 10 different hotels and or family guest rooms, as well as 50 friendly Texas accounts (at least!) and finally brought to happy-tears by one old faithful "Crios Torrontes".

So why the subject title of "Crios Torrontes and Old Navy"? Well, they've both created tears-of-joy at one point in my life. What??? Yes, back when I was in between jobs in the very expensive city of San Francisco, my high-fashion dreams turned into "low-fashion" after a big job lay-off. I recall walking into Old Navy with just about $40 bucks to spend on an outfit to help me out in the new season. Seeing a handful of items that deemed high-fashion enough that were priced at incredibly great prices almost brought me to my knees in thanks that day. Needless to say, my new outfit received compliments and I wore my new low-fashion proudly, but did shed a few tears of gratitude in the Old Navy check-out line (girls you know what I'm talking about here). I'm pretty sure I still have a shirt hanging in my closet today from that purchase.

Back to the story...I ended my last day on the road in Houston this past Sunday night, I was exhausted as a Frisbee catching Labrador at the end of an Olympic Trial. Trying my best to save a buck on the road, I grabbed a quick dinner- to- go at a local food and wine store in Houston and low and behold a huge stack of Crios Torrontes stood glistening in the middle of the place. My eyes lit up and immediately darted towards the pile of Crios... (visualize a big spotlight and angelic music in the background here). I reached for cool bottle of Crios Torrontes and made a fast dash to the check out line.

Within minutes I was settled into my "price-lined" killer deal hotel room in the Uptown area of Houston and twisted open the cap of Crios (yes, I bought some ice to shove it in immediately at the store for the 6 minute car ride to the hotel).

So here is the moment that ties this story all together...my eyes swelled up after pouring myself a glass, smelling the wine and taking the first sip. Grateful for such an huge value for little cash, I was so thankful for the comfort it brought to my long journey last week.

The Crios Torrontes is "a giver" and will only allow you to take true pleasure from this incredible white wine value from Argentina. At that moment of teary eyed Torrontes - I thought of the tough time back in San Francisco in 2001 at the Old Navy in Potrero Hill. So there you have it. Fashion and Wine, what more does a Texas girl need? Ha!

Crios Torrontes = great quality, consistent availability for tremendous value. Find it at your favorite wine shop around $15 bucks. Read more about Crios Torrontes here www.vineconnections.com Cheers - Ali

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Anonymous said...

this story is why we love reading about Texacali Ali and your wines. Keep it up! I found the Crios Torrontes the other day in the Southlake Central Market. We miss seeing you - Kathy