Monday, March 16, 2009

catching up...

Sorry Sorry - no posts over the past few days I know! I had Medlock Ames winery in tow with me all over Texas last week, what a fantastic line-up to show off to Texas. The wines are truly a gift from all things good on earth. I urge you all to look and ask for Medlock Ames, they are creating everything that is right in the wine world. Thank you Kenny for your time and enthusiasm for Medlock Ames wines - we loved having you here!

As for the next week, I'm not promising any new posts...2009 has been more hectic than one could have ever planned. Texas - well those who drink in Texas are doing so more than ever these days - business is good. Though I firmly believe it (record wine sales) has everything to do with the killer brands TexaCali Wine Co. has the pleasure of representing in Texas! - do you know what the Argentine Wine of the Month is??

I'm stepping away for a few days, on my list of things to do like...defensive driving to take care of that ridiculous speeding ticket I received while driving Etienne de Montille around Texas last fall, a new lawn to cut - weeds to pull, yoga classes to start again, logo contest winners to track down, a big IT project to finish (PC to Mac!), a haircut and color that is way overdue, this tiny thing called SXSW is this week (I would love to catch Gomez, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Perez Hilton Day in Austin for sure!), 2008 taxes to figure out oh and this new little heavenly event I need to start telling dear friends about and begin planning - my wedding. A HUGE CELEBRATION!!! Cheers - Ali

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ali, looking for the MedlockAmes Russian River Chardonnay in Dallas. We are in the Park Cities area, Centennial or Pogos is our preference - please tell us where to buy a few bottles for the weekend.We visited the winery last year and am excited to learn the wines are available in Texas now. Thank you very much - The Hutchins.