Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pellegrini Family Vineyards - Sonoma California

Robert Pellegrini is visiting Dallas over the next few days. Texans have made his beautiful estate wines a staple in their homes and favorite local restaurants. Right now, the 2006 Olivet Lane Pinot Noir is drinking fabulous. Winemaker’s Notes: This wine exhibits unmistakable Olivet Lane characteristics typified by brilliant color, silky texture, delicate mouthfeel, and upfront flavors of framboise, cherries and spice.
For all you Cloverdale Ranch fans - keep it up! More and more fine wine shops and delicious restaurants are turning to this Alexander Valley Cab and Merlot as their "go-to" California wine list favorite...
Cheers - Ali

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ali - great wine last Friday night. You've turned us into Pellegrini fans for life now. Come back to LCC soon!