Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hum, blogging on this historic and significant day in America. Many thoughts of what to write keep running around in my head. Over the past years, I've been so blessed to host winemakers from California, Oregon, Argentina, France and Spain in Texas. I've sat down many times to break bread and toast to their amazing wines...each time they voice how incredibly proud they feel...the freedom to make and sell wine here in the States.

I'm especially thinking about all the wineries TexaCali represents from California and Oregon. True American Pioneers - each one of them. I encourage you all to take a little time to read about them, their history is deep in American roots, entreprenurial passion and each winery encompasses the true meaning of living the American Dream.

Lange Estate, Handley Cellars, Medlock-Ames, LIOCO, Teira, Storrs, Pellegrini Family Vineyards, Lewelling, Davis Family Vineyards and Colgin Cellars - all website links are on this page: http://www.texacaliwine.com/wineries.cfm

Thanks to you all for your continued support of all these incredible folks...Ali

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up Ali, what you are passionate about is making a difference! We enjoy trying new wines you suggest frequently. Earl and Donna McKinsey (Fort Worth)