Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Front Lines - Every Bottle Counts

I’m out visiting Texas wine shops, wine bars, restaurants and wine distributors each and every day. Everyone asks “are you seeing a slow-down?”… Well no, actually sales are good and absolutely growing stronger each month.

Two things I hav
e built TexaCali Wine Co. business on over the years 1) offer Texas wine consumers accessibility to high-quality, independent, family owned wineries and breweries and 2) offer bottles that are of great value to the Texas consumer.

The only segment that’s hit a wall in this cra
zy economy is the 2006 Burgundy offerings…hard to follow the VERY expensive and HIGHLY acclaimed 2005 vintage to start, seems that consumers and collectors are still sitting on 2005’s (for good reason) and buying wines from other regions to consume now at the dinner table. Patience is kicking in with this one…

The doom and gloom I read about online, hear about on the TV, Radio and etc…it’s out there, but I am so very thankful for … the hard work we’ve done to create solid distribution in Texas, all the Texas wine lovers and supporters of TexaCali Wine Co. and solid, thoughtf
ul planning…the wine and Sake of TexaCali Wine Co. are selling like crazy!

However, more than ever before I do ask you to support our wineries and sake breweries when shopping and choosing wines while eating out. The families and independent producers we represent don’t have corporate marketing budgets, access to “bail-out” money, and a list of share-holders to please. They have kids to feed, vineyard workers to provide for, and mortgages to pay just like us. The East and West coasts are feeling the pain much more than the Lone Star State – so let’s help out these families and make up for the down-sales in other regions of the US. Texas sales are strong – let’s keep it up.

What’s the easiest way to find TexaCali Wine Co. producers? Click around and jot down wine and sake bottles that peak your interest and keep it with you while out and about. I receive a dozen emails or so each week asking “where can I find…? I will always get back to you - so keep your requests coming.

The TexaCali Wine Co. winemakers and brewers are true wine pioneers, from Japan to France to Spain to Oregon to California to Argentina – each winery is proud to have wines available to purchase in Texas – let’s make them even more proud to be here during this unbelievable economic time. Cheers - Ali
(pictures: 3rd one - Mr. T of Dreamy Clouds and Wandering Poet, last one - The Angel Paulucci family of La Posta Malbec fame)


Anonymous said...

count us in for buying many of your wines in Houston (The Woodlands)! A toast to TexaCali for all the good vino over the years - Jeff & Laura

Anonymous said...

I'm in for Bride of the Fox and Divine Droplet bottles in Austin, sake rocks - Chuck

Anonymous said...

just bought two bottles of the Storrs Gewurztraminer yesterday, great bottle of wine, what else do they make? Gary in Plano, Texas.

Anonymous said...

we love your malbecs, you suggested some to us on myspace last year and we haven't stopped since. central market on lovers is the place to buy'em. Cheers - the Gang of Malbec Cork Dorks in University Park.

Anonymous said...

bring on the Eric Solomon French wines - Sabon in particular, I can never find his wines in Texas. Charlie (I am in your Ft. Worth "inner circle" club).