Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well Labor Day weekend this year is all about staying local. Today marks the first official college football watching party - which means TexaCali Ali will be cooking for a handful of rowdy fans. In fact, my guy is a huge OU fan, so this is the first time EVER that I'll be hosting Sooner freakshows. Should be interesting...

I've picked up a case of wines for the weekend - all under $20 and can be found at your favorite fine wine shop - just about anywhere in America. Here are a few wines to copy/paste and print off before you head out of the house today....

Crios Torrontes - always the BEST Torrontes on the market - soo great with spicy King Ranch Caserole during the 1st quarter of the game. $15

Fort Ross Rose of Pinot Noir - darker than Rose from the South of France, and a complete knock-out. This is perfect for those who desire elegance but softness in their wine glass. $17

Las Rocas - this Spanish red has always been a staple for any informal gathering at my place, just big enough and smooth enough to please the entire crowd. $11

Pellegrini Unoaked Chardonnay - Awesome juice from California's Russian River Region. If you hate heavy butter and sweet butter notes in your wine, then this is your bottle. $16

Handley Cellars Gew├╝rztraminer - a tiny bit of sweet with a big swirl of asian spice...this is the wine to break-out for those fans that may just be getting into wine or can appreciate wines created in an Alsatian style. $16

BenMarco Cabernet
- Break this puppy out if you are grilling. I refer to this Cab as the "working mans Caymus". Yes - its terrific from Susana Balbo and Pedro Marchevsky down in Mendoza! $19

LaPosta Malbec
- I can never get enough of this wine, I open it one minute, turn my head and Whoosh - it's all gone. This is the malbec that goes first at all parties no matter what. A real sipper that just makes the food taste like it was cooked by Bobby Flay himself. LOVE IT. $18

Teira Dry Creek Zinfandel - damn good juice from one of the most enthusiastic wine guys in the business. Big ripe berrys and dark and lushes flavors just attack your tastebuds. One of the best values on the shelves today! $17

Go HORNS! - Ali
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Anonymous said...

I'm a Red Raider and love all the Ben Marco wines. It's over $20 but highly recommend the blend called Expresivo. I only share this with other Tech buddies - no sooner or horns fans can touch it. Great post today!

Cheers - Jim