Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This week...

I'm off to Napa today to attend the 2008 Professional Wine Writers Symposium - a much needed break for my "spreadsheeted out" brain right now. I'm very excited about learning from others this week and moving forward with a couple of books I have in the works. The past 3 years for TexaCali Wine Co. have just been amazing and wow - what a swift and dynamic start to 2008... organizing purchase orders, planning winemaker events, launching new products, meeting hundreds of new wine sales folks all over Texas and then there's managing a little late night dancing at my house - oh yeah!

While I'm away, I encourage you to branch out a little at home this week, pick up a few Junmai Sake bottles from Vine Connections and experiment with your menus. Last Saturday evening a group of new and old friends came over for a delicious night of sake, food and fun. We tasted Moon on the Water, Bride of the Fox, Morning Glow, Divine Droplets, Southern Beauty with artisan cheeses, spicy sushi rolls from Uchi, and my old school family recipe of baked almond chicken. Which totally worked. The new sake2me - try these paired along with Italian gelato and ginger snaps - we all sat around the dinner table and debated about which flavors we enjoyed best well into the night. Right now - the Asian Pear is my favorite.

So back to the late night dancing part of the post - check out the music by
Rogue Wave my latest music find thanks to a very cool (and tall, dark and handsome) friend. One of my favorite songs is now playing on my MYSPACE page.

Big shout out to the gang at The Austin Wine Merchant for their recent focus on Vine Connections SAKE - you now can purchase the best of Japan along with their fine wine selection. Also - in Austin Hotel San Jose is now serving Tozai Snow Maiden. Groovy! I'll report from Napa Valley's Meadowood Resort later this week...Cheers! Ali

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