Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy and Blessed

I'm so pumped right now, truly glad I made the decision to attend this symposium. I read aloud to the group that Lettie Teague (Wine Editor at Food and Wine Magazine) probably wears pretty nightgowns - a bit of shock value and honest conscience thought flow during a writing exercise yesterday. Smart & Funny.

Such a breath of fresh air and knowledge. The handful of projects that I've begun working on are coming together with strong focus now - multi-media, print and online. Now if I could just stretch the day into 6 more hours so I could at least grab some beauty sleep. Seriously - I couldn't do all this without you all. Read the top tag line of this blog!

Thank you all for buying the wines and sake of TexaCali Wine Co., I promise to do my best to help you find and enjoy all of these wonderful producers. I added new pictures to the site go check them out! Cheers - Ali

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Wine Scamp said...

So glad the symposium was a good experience. Can't wait to hear more about it!