Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Vacation Jackson Style...

My sweet Mom sent me this little factoid this morning...she's a retired elementary school teacher who's never had a sip of wine in her life. She did however drag me all over the East Coast each summer as a kid to see all the historical landmarks.

We visited Andrew Jackson's home a few summers straight - we're related, Mom's maiden name is Jackson...sounds like Ole' Andrew and I shared the same love for Chateau Margaux! If I could just get dear Mom to start sipping - sigh...I have no idea where she read this, but she sent it to my inbox before church this morning!

"Did you know that Andrew Jackson was a wine lover? His interest in other spirits is legendary. In fact, he operated several corn whiskey distilleries on his Tennessee plantations, including a 125-gallon distillery built at The Hermitage in 1804. However, Jackson also loved crushed grapes. While we have no evidence that he ever had a vineyard, we know he had a well-stocked wine cellar at the Hermitage mansion.

But what kind of wine did Jackson enjoy? Until recently, we weren't sure. But our archaeologists discovered that an artifact excavated years ago is actually the broken seal of a very rare bottle of wine from the Bordeaux region of France. It's from a bottle of Chateau Margaux, which was the finest and most expensive wine you could purchase in the 19th century. This claret red wine was one of Thomas Jefferson's most prized possessions." Cheers - Ali

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