Friday, July 27, 2007


Yep, the last time I took a vacation it was a good one, back-to-back weddings in Italy and Hawaii - but that was in 2003.

Since then I worked for the greatest wine store in California (K & L Wine Merchants), moved back to Texas, put in my time on the Texas distributor and large retailer side, launched TexaCali Wine Co. in 2005 - and the rest - well you know, here I am over two years later kicking it for Family Wineries and Sake Breweries who need marketing and sales in Texas.

Starting tomorrow - I am taking a VACATION - where there are no mosquitoes, summer humidity or even internet access for just a little while. I'm hoping to brush up on my golf game, 2 rounds in 2 years is pretty pathetic. CHEERS! Ali

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