Sunday, March 26, 2006


It either takes you down or makes you stronger. Hard knocks - A breaking point for sure, you either get past it or die. That is how deep adversity strikes a human heart. Those of you, who think you are better than the rest, remember how you affect others with your actions and words. I’ve always tried my best of leading by example – treat others how you want to be treated. In recent weeks and days I’ve encountered the most mean-spirited humans in the wine business for sure. Thousands of you reading this who are not in the “wine business” must be shaking your heads from side-to-side.

We are not saving lives; we as wine pros are adding happiness and enjoyment to lives – boy we have it really good! I look at each day as a true blessing. Greed and power can really mess up the clear picture, maybe the deepest valleys and ditches I’ve climbed out of over the past 33 years keeps it real for me. What keeps it real for you I ask? If being in the wine business is just a job – then move along. Being a part of the wine industry is too special to not appreciate and enjoy its deepest and most respectful past and future joys.

Remember no matter who you are or what you are in charge of – the person in front of you may have conquered a world of adversity before ever meeting you. Keep it real folks. As a wine professional, I believe we should always keep in mind what generations before us sacrificed and gave their blood, sweat and tears for…we have it really good, in each and every sip…My 2 cents - Ali

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