Saturday, May 07, 2005

Week 1

So have officially finished up the first week of TexaCali Wine Co. So friggin' cool. While working for Central Market over the past year I wasn't able to be a true wine person, I spent most of my time managing "the system", managing "up" and managing a thousand other things that must go on when responsible for a 6 million dollar wine department in a great big fancy grocery store!

What impressed me most this past week - I was apart of a 2-hour wine briefing for Goody-Goody on the Tikal and Luca brands I'm representing. What a sense of relief to hear and meet people in Dallas that "get wine". The room of wine managers and sales folks were so impressed with the quality of wine being poured to them - all agreed that the Luca & Tikal wines were some of the most elegant wine ever tasted. I concur! I'm grateful to know each person at this account, good people who just want to tell others want they believe to be great wine. That simple. Cheers! Ali