Friday, October 10, 2014

Alder Springs Vineyards - Knowledge is Power!

Oh heavenly day... I thought of this awesome Patty Griffin song while visiting Alder Springs Vineyards a few weeks ago.   Each time I'm standing on their sacred ground among the vines I pinch myself.  No wonder why they've been one of the most sought-after vineyards to source fruit from from over the past few decades now. Truly - such an amazing place to see.

So I'm having a blast helping Alder Springs Vineyards establish their National Distribution Network this year, here's an interesting list of facts below that have simply been wonderful to talk to people about when showing Alder Springs Vineyards to new customers and media alike. Cheers - TexaCali Ali

12 Cool Facts About Alder Springs Vineyard
1) The vineyard totals 140 acres of vines and is surrounded by an undeveloped and pristine 6,000 acre ranch.  There’s no exhaust or pollution affecting our vines.

2) Alder Springs Vineyard is split into 3 vineyard blocks, which sit several miles apart from each other. Each block has its own microclimate.  The lower block starts at 1,700 feet and the upper block reaches 2,700 feet. 

3) Warm day temperatures are moderated by our proximity to the coast, high elevations, and cool nights (not fog). 

4) The vineyard is 13 miles from the coast.  The coastal stretch just north of the vineyard is often referred to as the Lost Coast because of its desolate and undeveloped location. 

5) Alder Springs Vineyard is an hour drive from any other vineyard or winery area.  Because of our unique location, the vineyard produces a specific flavor profile unlike any other in California.

6) Alder Springs is 3 hours north of San Francisco and 2.5 north of Napa.

7) Alder Springs sells 90% of their fruit to a group of über talented California winemakers who specialize in non-classic California wine styles (list of winemakers available via email).

8) Alder Springs grapes are some of the most sought after fruit in Mendocino and when deciding to make wine, had to put themselves on their own wait list.  As a matter of fact, had to wait years to obtain some of the fruit they wanted.  

9) Stuart Bewley, the owner of Alder Springs Vineyard, has been described as "one of the most meticulous viticuluralists in the business".  

10) Winemaker Byron Kosuge, specializes in cool climate wines and worked for Saintsbury Winery for 17 years before moving to boutique productions. 

11) Tom Piper the Master Viticulturalist, had 16 years of organic and sustainable viticultural experience before joining the ASV team.
12) The Black & White Labeled wines represent the very best fruit among the vineyard. Row 5 Wines represent a bit more volume vines & blends – both labels are wines made from Alder Springs estate fruit! 

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