Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Sunday

I stopped for a quick taco in Sonoma last week at Juanita Juanita - (always on the hunt for a good taco). Chatting with a local sitting next to me at the counter "so any plans for Easter?" he asked.  

My immediate thought was what wines to pair with Easter Brunch, but kept that to myself and told him I was heading back to Texas to see my nephews. "What's a typical Texas Easter meal?",  the chatty local asked next.  So I went on to tell him that growing up Easter was a really big deal. It meant 1) I got to shop for a fancy new dress 2) eat Easter Candy before Church on Sunday 3) pig-out on a big Southern lunch of baked ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and yeast rolls.

Oh and then there was also the "sweet tea" in it's original form. Grandmother brewed this in a usual manner and added a scoop or 3 of sugar right before it started cooling down.  This was the biggest treat really, my parents never ever let us drink it, so candy + glasses of tea guaranteed a fun day no matter how long the church service ran (and how big of a mess it was to get out of the parking lot on Easter Sunday).

So cheers to a fun Easter Sunday everyone, I'll be skipping the sweet tea for a few glasses of great wine this year.  Thinking of pouring the following wines to be exact: 

2010 L'Oliveto RRV Chardonnay, 2010 Handley Cellars Anderson Valley Estate Chardonnay & my very last bottle of the 2007 LIOCO Charles Heintz Late Harvest Chardonnay - liquid Peeps! 

Cheers to Mom for scanning this old photo of my brother and me on Easter Sunday around 1980! Ha.  - Ali

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Anonymous said...

Classic picture ! Ally in her easter best..