Sunday, March 04, 2012

So you think you like Silver Oak in Alexander Valley?


Last Thursday I drove into J.Rickards winery for the first time ever in my life.  HOW IN THE WORLD have I missed out on this wonderful winery all these years?  It's certainly been a very long while since I've tasted through an entire lineup of wines and liked every drop - I even bought a bottle of Zinfandel!

J.Rickards is located a stone's throw South of the Silver Oak Alexander Valley winery off of Hwy 101 in Cloverdale, CA. Click for Directions Here. 

So Jim and his wife Eliza make running the winery a total family affair, in 1976 they purchased 60 acres and finally after the encouragement of friends founded the winery in 2005.   Instead of repeating what has already been written about J.Rickards I'll say this...if you are into buying incredibly well made wines made by down-to-earth folks, here's your winery.   I'm adding J.Rickards to my "must visit" list for everyone who continues to reach to me seeking an itinerary for Sonoma County visits.

I walked away with two armfuls of wine, 2 bottles of each of their whites and a bottle of delicious Zinfandel (my least favorite varietal).  Jim Rickards (you'll recognize him from his handle-bar mustache and handsome smile) opened their soon to be released 2009 "Ashley's Block" Malbec as well...a beautiful wine. It's good to be a J. Rickard wine club member. 

Oh and here's a highlight for all the Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers out there who pay a premium price for a bottle of Silver Oak...this bottle was killer.

This is a classic blend of the Five Sisters -- the characteristic varietals of the Bordeaux Region. (Cabernet Sauvignon - 78%, Malbec - 11%, Petit Verdot - 6%, Merlot - 4% and Cabernet Franc - 1%) The elegant and refined wine pairs beautifully with Prime Rib, Filet Mignon and savory vegetable dishes.  Prior vintages were Gold Medal winners.  New Release!  Gold Medal 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition $34

When visiting, don't forget to ask about the story behind the two vines pictured above! Cheers, Ali


Collin Williams said...

Looks interesting. Maybe well stop by after our visit to Silver Oak. Thanks for tip Ali!

Mark said...

People really like Silver Oak? I kid.....kind of!

Anyway, saw your link over on the blogroll of Fermentation. My wife has a ton of family in San Antonio, so I know Texas pretty well. "Hill Country" is a personal favorite

TexaCali Ali said...

Thanks for your comments. Seriously sweet folks at J.Rickards and the quality across the board made a big impression on me, a fun new discovery indeed.

Ahh, yes, the Hill Country is heavenly, my Texas home is only 1 hour away, so a quick escape to the most beautiful area in Texas. Thanks for following the TexaCali Wine Trail! - Ali