Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you 2011, Living the Dream!

What a FANTASTIC 12 months of living!  2011 memories are firmly placed in the TexaCali Ali record books.  A big shout out to everyone who touched my life this year - so many old and new friends, my circle grows larger yet more concentrated with good people and wildly wonderful offerings each and every day.   Thank you.

A few of my favorite posts and biggest memories of 2011 along the TexaCali Wine Trail:

August presented: 

Thank you for reading the TexaCali Wine Trail, hard to believe that this blog is soon going on 7 years strong, I love my loyal following.  BOOM - incredibly grateful for all the blessings 2011 brought and welcome the New Year with a big smile and warm heart.  Excited for a full blown blast in 2012...

Happy New Year to All!  - TexaCali Ali 

PS - my #1 song of 2011, heard these guys live in Oakland kicking off the Railroad Revival Tour!


Alfonso Cevola said...

7 years, how time just slips away...Happy 2012, Ali!

TexaCali Ali said...

Happy New Year to You Alfonso! Hard to believe 7 years, 1 case at at time! Whew...hope to see you soon! Ali