Saturday, September 10, 2011

A blast of a job - are you worthy?

Wine.Woot Grunt

Work for Wine Country Connect - Sonoma, California (San Francisco Bay Area)

Job Description

So you think you want to work in the wine industry.
Seeking gullible, starry-eyed plebe for entry-level, total-immersion, life-sucking procurement and sourcing position to feed the insanely popular, pioneering website
What's in it for you? An underwhelming salary, all-but-unobtainable commission structure, hellishly long hours, and scant opportunity for upward mobility. Excited yet? There's more! You'll report to a  demanding, overworked boss and answer to the ridicule of a merciless, unrelenting 24/7 online community dissecting every curated wine selection you’d help bring to the worldwideweb.
Applicant must be have a superb track record, be wicked smart, Internet savvy, possess strong attention to detail (can you spell?) and a natural ability to evangelize in person, on the phone, and via the keyboard. Of course, a strong interest in wine and top-shelf writing skills are necessary, too.     
Get your foot in the door to what may be, despite the above, the best entry level job in the wine industry. Send resume to:

Company Description

Wine Country Connect founded and operates the wine division of ecommerce juggernaught Wine.Woot, considered one of the most successful and innovative enterprises in the wine industry. Wine Country Connect offers unique industry positioning and the opportunity to expand a winery’s audience beyond traditional channels.

Additional Information

September 9, 2011
Entry level
Business Development 
Marketing and Advertising, Wine and Spirits, Internet 

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