Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back in Cali...


The beauty, the land and the sea here, I missed it so much while away. Roses, thousands of bright blooming roses. Dungeness crab season. The sound of skateboards after the final school bell rings. The thrill of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge (every time!).  The TexaCali World Series.  Hosting friends from Texas, showing them the best places around. Tennessee Valley hikes.  Unconditional kindness, so many welcoming new friends, sharing their stories, their passions, their  strengths, their worries, their laughter. Growing fruits, veggies and flowers all year long in my own yard. The view over Dry Creek Valley.  Driving along HWY 280. Discovering the local wines of Grace, Brack  Mountain, Broc Cellars, Phillips Hill, Hamel, Nico, Arnot-Roberts, NPA, Michel-Schlumberger and the real people behind them. The Handal & Bellino gangs, my California Families.  Stuck in a snow storm and getting out while laughing. Falling in love. The biscuits made at Zin in Healdsburg. Flour Girl Cakes. 40 Days @ Three Dog Yoga in Santa Rosa, this changed my life. The smell of a winery, right when I walk through the doors - every single time. Bundling-up when the sun goes down. Old friends who are new again. Hot dogs a the Giants game. Walking to dinner. Anderson Valley - is every bit as lovely as I remember it every time I'm there. No mosquitoes. Rolling Fog. Happy Hippos. Shout-outs on the radio by my dear friend Ziggy the Wine Gal (thank you BGD). Seeing shows at the Great American Music Hall. Wine Country Connect, the entire staff inspires me each day. Bar stool dinners at ZAZU. Ecco Coffee. Trips to Half Moon Bay. Drinks at the AV Bar. Redwood Trees. Bright green landscapes in the winter. Rainbows over the vineyards. The sound of frogs - lots of frogs.  Crying from laughing so hard. Sundays with my best friend. Equanimity.

Cheers - Ali

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