Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey time - uh yeah.

Tis' the Season. This is the time of year that wine suppliers and distributor management show up in accounts acting like they do this all year. Creepy really. Back in 2004 as a buyer in Texas, I actually had to ask them all to please get out of the customers way - clogging up the aisles with there shiny shoes and cheery holiday sweaters. Blah. I'm in accounts all year (along with a handful of the cool suppliers and good distributors). You know when it's 110 degrees out and nobody wants to drink anything in Texas but water with LOTS OF ICE and cold beer in a pool??? Exactly when retail accounts need us the most. If wine brands need Texas, Texas accounts need help with tastings, staff trainings and deals all year long too. Sales are up this year in Texas for TexaCali brands - somehow I found a few extra hours a week to be there to help the sell-through. Nice. But now I can't leave early to spend time with my family & new in-laws b/c of all the shiny-shoe types standing around. Bunch of turkeys. Gobble Gobble. Ali

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