Friday, July 10, 2009

Sipping through Summer

Whew - what a summer we are having in Texas. The heat is especially extreme in Austin - weeks of 100+ degree days. I really wish I had a pool in the yard. Some day. Thank GOD for having a plethora of summer wines and ginjo sake to keep things cool around here. I'm so thankful many of you are making a choice to purchase from family and independent producers of TexaCali!

Honestly, there's a lot of CHEAP SWILL flooding the market, most of the giant wine companies are losing their shirts and slashing prices on all the crappy wine that usually sells in the most remote places. The economic shake-out has been tough on overpriced win
es and wines that really never delivered the goods when the economy was rockin'! I ask each of you to continue making an effort of supporting "the little guy" are the only people that can make a difference!

I am asked all the time "what are your favorite wines", well that changes each day. This weekend I'm really excited about sipping on Han
dley Cellers Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc ($15) and Medlock Ames Organic Sauvignon Blanc ($25) - such elegant and pure wines. Also, as for reds, I recently sipped on a 2004 Pellegrini Cloverdale Ranch Merlot ($24) - WOW!!!! The fruit in this bottle is just singing, it's going to be perfect with a grilled Bison tenderloin - oh and the Davis Family Vineyards Barn D'Or Syrah/Cab blend would also be divine with the Bison. Endless choices really, I can't leave out Crios Rose of Malbec ($11), a summer (oh I admit, Spring, Fall and Winter too) staple at my house. The Crios wines must be bought handfuls at a time - trust me! Enjoy your weekend, I know I am looking forward to CHILLING OUT! Cheers - Ali

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