Thursday, March 13, 2008


is exactly what 2008 is all about so far! Here's a little pictorial of the past 5 days of my life...

Midland, Texas: Midland Raquet Club Sunday night meeting with all the West Texas Country Clubs - they loved the Malbec's of Vine Connections. It's been awhile since I visited Midland, great place to be while oil is over $100 this week...WOW.

Fort Worth, Texas:
Monday night Crios wine reception at Embargo then a
wonderful dinner at Del Frisco's downtown. A big thank you to everyone who joined us, what a delicious and fun night we had together. My wine of the night: 2005 Susana Balbo Brioso - elegant, refined and beautiful Bordeaux blend from Mendoza.

Colleyville, Texas:62Main
lunch with Pioneer Wine Company's Derek Hubert.
No matter what I think I've already seen in this crazy wine world, I always get another surprise when I least expect it. So of course, like many of my conversations over a wine lunch, the topic turns to sports - well, right about the time I'm talking "center ice vs. the 50 yard line" with the fellas, Derek whips out his new tattoo - let's just say his love for wine isn't quite as deep as his love for the Dallas Cowboys. Classic.

Dallas, Texas: Pappas Steakhouse dinner with the owners of Veritas Imports and Pioneer Wine Company. After a lovely dinner, Ken Wood, a sommelier at Pappas gave us a tour of the wine cellar. Selections from 1900 to current releases filled the cellar. What a treat!! If I ever win the lotto- I'll know where to spend the big bucks on a few rare bottles in Dallas for sure.

Irving, Texas: Sheraton Hotel:
Now this had to be the coolest item of the week.
While chit-chatting with the wine buyer for the Sheraton - he tells me that his daughter's boyfriend had played SXSW before. So I ask "who's he play for?" He answers "he's Beck". I'm like "BECK? the BECK?" He says, "yes, the BECK". I've seen Beck live at least 6 times in my life. Love him! HOW COOL IS THAT? Well, it's weirdly random at least. Yeah - I found out a little scoop - but nothing too saucy.

Off to wrangle sake2me all over Austin this weekend for SXSW. More later and CHEERS! Ali

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