Monday, May 01, 2006

Celebrate with TexaCali Wine Co.

Exactly 12 months ago I drove to the local Courthouse to file my DBA making TexaCali official. The most fulfilling year of my life, I must give thanks to each and every producer for creating such wonderful wine and sake for TexaCali Wine Co. to spread the good word about.

Here's a short list of TexaCali Wine Co. favorites....

Cool Whites to Chill With…
$14 Crios Torrontes - Argentina
$16 Pellegrini Unoaked Chardonnay – Russian River Sonoma

“Sit down and put your feet up” Sauvignon Blanc…
$14 Eloise - Sonoma
$12 Pellegrini - Lake County California
$16 Handley Cellars – Dry Creek California

Chardonnay for those who either LOVE or HATE this grape…
$20 Pellegrini Family Olivet Lane Russian River - Sonoma
$35 Fort Ross - Sonoma Coast
$20 Handley Cellars – Anderson Valley
$32 Luca – Argentina

Malbec “the new Merlot”…
$16 La Posta – Argentina
$18 BenMarco – Argentina
$9 Budini - Argentina

Merlot, yes a Merlot that ROCKS…
$20 Cloverdale Ranch - Alexander Valley, CA

“Sipalicious” Cabernet Sauvignon …
$25 Cloverdale Ranch - Alexander Valley, CA
$20 BenMarco Cabernet - Argentina
$50 Block 16- Napa

Reds that are total Studs…
$35 Fort Ross Pinotage – Sonoma Coast
$18 Pellegrini Carignan – Redwood Valley
$19 Handley Zinfandel – Mendocino California
$25 Tikal Patriota – Argentina
$32 Mapema Primera Zona - Argentina

Raise your glass tonight and toast to another exciting year ahead for this little company that gets it done!! Cheers - Ali

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