Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November in Texas

Record highs across the state, I sat outside yesterday at lunch at received a sunburn! Good for the thousands of golf courses I’m sure, bad for rich, big and bold red wine! We had a teaser a few weeks back with temperatures in the low 40’s. This weather is insane.

Spending a fair amount of time in Austin these days, that place just rocks. Here are a few bottles I spied on tables and shopping baskets. Very eclectic selection – just like the scene in A-Town! Luca Chardonnay, Nandu Malbec, Fontaine Rose, Crios Torrontes (look for a nice article about Torrontes and Virtusoso in Austin Woman magazine), Pellegrini Sauvignon Blanc and Handley Chardonnay! I love Austin! Cheers - Ali

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